Tickle the nose is a quick reaction game that relies on tapping the screen to prevent the feather from being caught by the monster’s hands.

Tap the screen to change the direction of a swinging feather. The feather will swing faster every time you make the monster sneeze. How many times can you tickle the nose without getting caught?

Sum More Gems is great arcade action! Sum More Gems builds upon everything that made the original great while increasing the strategic options you have available.

Sum More Gems keeps the simple join two gems gameplay that made the original so addictive. A new easy to learn power up system has been added allowing you to clear lots of gems at once or boost scores to new heights!

Sum Gems is simple, addictive fun! Enjoy endless fun matching gems together and go for a high score. Sum Gems is a new experience while still feeling familiar to your favourite gem matching puzzle games. You will be hooked immediately!

Are you ready to be hooked? Bursty Blocks is fast, simple and so much fun. You are going to love this new gameplay. Tap a numbered block, try not to fill your board and get the highest score you can, easy!

Winkel Ball is a brick breaking puzzler where you collect a key and exit out the door, it seems simple but there is so much more.

Winkel Ball is easy to learn but hard to master. Draw a paddle anywhere to control a bouncing ball. Get the angles right to move the ball in the direction you want. Break through blocks and collect power ups all while avoiding spikes to exit each room.

Each room contains a different setup of blocks, spikes and power ups each with their own traits to make this game a mix of puzzle and arcade action.

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